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About Me
Hello everyone and welcome to Timsy Ryhmsey's channel!

We will have fun, crazy, wild, amazing time! We will play music, watch videos, play games that aren't on Dlive and little bit off games that are (we will see what i will play and soon as i know i will inform you guys. I will design + sell merch and much more... See you on the other side!
Much love!
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Welcome and let's crack off laughter or not!
Timsy Ryhmsey
Here are rules i expect everyone to respect and follow:

1. Don't ask to be my moderator ( I will choose who will be) - (Mute or Ban on 3. time)
2. Don't spam anything without my permission! (Mute or Ban on 3. time)
3. No Racism, No bullying, No advertisement, No trash talk - (Mute or Ban on 3. time)
4. Be respectful to each other, if not i will (Mute or Ban on 3. time)

Game time
I will be playing:
1. Dishonored
2. Paladins
3. Fortnite
4. 35 mm
5. Eve Online
Music Times - Music runing 24/7 or when possible! Enjoy!
You will be listetning to:
3.Hip Hop
4.Lofi Hip Hop
6.Classical Music
11.Peoples time

If someone has requests, just type which singer, or composer and i will play for you in next 24/7, when it's day for you guys.