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About me
Tinnok Games at your service, i'm just a casual streamer and lover of pizza,
I mostly play Siege "mostly"
and i'm mostly here just to have fun.
stream may crash every now and then, but don't worry i'll start it back up as soon as possible.
i also have a a panic disorder so if i up and leave mid stream bare with me i'm doing my best to get it under control.
Da Rules!
1: please don't ask for a follow for follow
2: be polite and respectful
3: eat your greens
i know some of these sound rude but thats just how it is and i'm sorry.
Dlive Goals
current goal: hit affiliate before my birthday in December "which is plenty enough time lol"
second goal: which is to save up enough so i can get better gear for streaming"current gear being a ps4"
Be sure to follow me here for when i go live and tweet random stuff
Using airc.st to stream from ps4
It is very simple and easy to set up, all you need is a Twitch account or a Mixer account(if your Xbox one) go to Airc.st and sign in to the account you wanna stream from Twitch/Mixer, then create an output stream look for Dlive. Then grab the dlive stream key/only the stream key in the Dlive dashboard, then in Airc.st paste the stream key in the place where it says stream key and you're set to stream to Dlive. Hope this helps future console streamers
Restream chat
Be sure to download this if you are a console streamer like me, this'll help you so you are not keeping too many tabs open.