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About me!
Just an everyday gamer who loves to play sims and other stuff as well, I am new to this stuff and how the software works so be kind or shame me idc lol.
I will take recommendations on games just leave them in the chat.
thanks for stopping by and drop a follow its much appreciated and if you donate, it will all go back into the channel. I welcome all languages here but sorry I only speak English but you're more than welcome here. I just may not be able to respond if it ain't English, sorry about that.
Thanks and much love, Tj!
The Rules.
1. We believe in the right to speak your mind around here as long as it is NOT threatening to harm someone or be racist towards others. That stuff isn't cool or tolerated. It kills the vibe.
2. You may have debates about anything I don't really care just be civil about it, I love different points of view.
3. I don't mind a little back and forth, if a debate gets charged but when I say, "that done guys lets move on." That is the only warning I will fire off, so if you hear it plz respond with respect and keep it moving.
4. Bring positive energy here and come and enjoy the ride. We fam around here and I will help you the best I can (this rule applies to me), so lets make a brother and sisterhood in this trucking community.
Much LOVE, TJ!!!
The Rig!!!
Motherboard -MSI B550m this will be upgradable for at least the next 5yrs.
CPU-Ryzen5 3600x
GPU-Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 super
Ram- Viper Gaming 2 sticks 8gb each total of 16gb running at 3600mhz.
Case- Gemini M Silver
Power supply- segotop 750w (yes it's overkill but I did this for future upgrades) 80plus gold.

Extras- Logitec G920 with pedals, and shifter with a Usb add-on shifter knob so I can split gears and flip them over, I use head tracking to look around by Grass Monkey it's half the price of the top shelf ones.
As I pointed out before ever donation is to complete this and it's appreciated, I want to upgrade my mic and I need a sim set-up. They are being looked into as we speak, I'm sure I forgot something but this is off the top of my head.
Much love, Tj!