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My content consists of flying on POSCON. I do not do tech support, add-on reviews or recommendations other than what I am currently using.
Stream duration varies depending on audience size, flight times and number of sectors. The stream runs subject to my real world commitments

Content advisory: While I avoid gratuitous swearing, please excuse the occasional f***. My stream is suitable for those aged 15 and over.

Disclaimer: I am not a real commercial pilot or air traffic controller. Information broadcast on this stream is intended for simulator use only, please consult with a qualified flight instructor before attempting any demonstrated techniques or procedures in a real aircraft.
Should you find yourself issued with a timeout, please take the time to read through these rules as you will only get one more chance to improve your conduct.

1. Use common sense at all times
2. Be respectful towards others in the stream chat
3. While the occasional f or s is tolerated, refrain from gratuitous swearing
4. No spamming/advertising/promoting 5. Please do not beg for:
-Discord roles
-Moderator status on any livestream
-Access to any product or service that is in Alpha or Beta testing (this includes invites to invite-only Betas)
6. Please read the FAQs before asking a question
7. Ensure your comments are constructive and contribute positively to the conversation
8. Starting or fuelling drama will not be tolerated, everyone involved will be timed out or banned
9. Ask before posting links
10. Do not discuss, post links to or advertise pirated software

While I can certainly take a joke, the red line is where other viewers' enjoyment is being hampered. I will put a stop to anything that gets out of hand, so please don't ruin it for others.
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Q: How do you fix this/that?
A: This is not a tech support channel

Q:What are your specs?
A: i5 9600k at 4.3GHz, 16gb Corsair DDR4 Ram, Nvidia RTX2060 GPU, x55 rhino hotas, CH products yoke, proflight rudder pedals.

Q:How do I get on POSCON?
A:It is in invite only Beta at the moment. Visit and monitor the discord for updates. Please be patient and refrain from begging for invites. Please note that all POSCON related discussion on this channel must be assumed to be speculative unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Q:Are you getting MSFS 2020?
A: Short answer: No. Long answer:
My name is Tom, and I live in Surrey England. My balance between fun and realism lies more towards the realism side, so I will try and get things right as much as possible. Check out my YouTube too.

I accept no responsibility for the content of autohosted streamers.

Although I am a major proponent of POSCON, I am not helping in any official capacity. All POSCON related discussion on this channel must be assumed to be speculative unless explicitly stated otherwise.