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In case I'm not here to answer any questions, the best I can do is direct you to my personal twitter page ( ) and/or my discord server ( ) for the most real-time and detailed updates that I currently provide in general.

We have a lot planned for IDC inc after the bull run finally happens, but currently funds are extremely limited. This channel will essentially be a subsidiary of IDC inc, providing regular updates about what we're seeing in all the markets that we look at, along with some of the most in-depth technical analysis you'll find anywhere.
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The image links to iDCINC's twitter page, which is owned and run by myself, SineBoyWaveMan (on TradingView), and various other members over time.

Visit my personal twitter page for the most real-time and detailed updates that I currently provide in general:
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I hope to eventually have a relatively steady stream of discord voice-chatting taking place for the livestream to hear and participate with, at least when I'm around to moderate it.

From the #faqs channel...
Q: Pertaining to the livestream; What is this?

A: cryptocurrency market data and charts
altcoins are coins that aren't bitcoin
they're represented in the chart with the up-arrow at the top (OTHERS.D on tradingview=dominance of small-cap altcoins)
bitcoin itself at the bottom, bitcoin cash(the first fork of bitcoin) in the bottom left corner the S&P 500 below the Pinkcoin meme/restream chat box because it's somewhat correlated to this stuff and the total market cap/trade volume of crypto in the blue bar at the top
top 6 altcoins in the bottom right
All music is original work by TweakerRay, from whom I obtained permission to use it.

Check out if you like it

Some of his stuff you can also download for free at (and of course you can support him by buying the rest)

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Bias / Disclaimer
December 31, 2019: Happy New Year! In case you're new or haven't seen my tweets/videos, I'm very bullish on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) regardless of what happens to BTC (until further notice, anyway). I still expect BTC to remain the dominant chain indefinitely (also until further notice), but the possibility of BCH taking the place of a bullish bitcoin for the first leg of the next altseason is a very real one, as far as I'm concerned. Short and medium-term bias/confidence on bitcoin itself is indicated on the stream itself as you've probably already noticed.

This "Sum of the American indices divided by the price of bitcoin" is one of the several unique charts of mine that made me confident all the way up from $3100, and part of the reason why I was bearish at the 2019 highs.

I do the best I can to anticipate market movements, but of course it's essentially impossible to predict anything with absolute certainty. As such, nothing here is intended as financial advice. **It’s for educational and entertainment purposes only.**

If you ask me what I think about a certain chart, I'll be glad to give my opinion and perform technical analysis on it (and a hypothetical trade setup) if I haven't already done so.
My YouTube channel is like a very undervalued altcoin
Click the above image for my YouTube channel where I put out videos on a regular basis explaining in detail what I'm seeing in the charts and my bullish or bearish biases, usually over the medium-term

Recent YouTube video: - "Bitcoin Consolidating | Impending altseason | Still Bearish AF on America"
Another recent video (first crypto video to hit over 100 views, finally): - "Bitcoin Flash Crash at Kraken! Does it mean anything?!"
My "Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Stock Market Analysis" playlist(with even more recent videos):
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On a related note... Pinkcoin has been bringing transparency to charity since 2014 via blockchain technology. The new Donate4Life 2.0 ( ) platform reminiscent of GoFundMe, allowing anyone or any charitable institution to easily benefit from the altruistic community.

Back in 2017 it was stable @ over 700 satoshis for quite some time. It's now **a steal** at about 25 sats. It's one of the alts that I'm most bullish on due to it's fundamentals and technical specifications as well as the fact that the Trump family's "charity" was corrupt AF along with many others.