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2022-2029 The Last 7 B4 Heaven
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By The Way The Earth is Not Globe Shaped #FE I am a follower of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ & I believe the Verses from the Last Book of The Bible "Revelation" are playing out right in front of us all now. Always Tell The Truth! Know That Only Jesus Saves!! Always Strive to Please God before pleasing Yourself! i have been aware of the New World/One World Order Agenda for over 25 Years now. I have been researching/recording Chemtrails/Chemclouds for around 20 years now & i have a bunch of old Chemtrail videos i never uploaded on here. I have lived in 6 states & 14 cities & sadly i have seen Chemtrails above them all but some a lot more than others. My motto is Stand Up and Speak Up against Evil and Tyranny. I believe The Official False Prophet (Pope Francis) is already setting up the 1 World Religion & Beast System so The Antichrist is Coming Soon! Repent, Prepare, Watch & Witness to the lost until THE END. Time Is SHORT!