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Hey everybody thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hi.
My name is Kerry aka Trashcan_Sam i am a content creator from down in New Zealand i am 31 and a lover of the battle royale game modes since they released PUBG.

I am currently looking at transferring from Twitch to Dlive so be gentle i am brand new
i wont have a major schedule in the early days as i work some crazy hours with my job, i am a road worker and being a seasonal job my summer months get hella hectic.

I am going to try my best here to keep up my currently two day a week schedule that being
Tuesday 7pm-11pm GMT- +13 (Monday 10pm-2am PST)
Saturday 8pm-2am GMT- +13 (Friday 11pm-5am PST)
Thats right there is a 21 hour time difference between New Zealand and some parts of the good old USA

If you want to stay up to date with schedule changes and also just generally my no bs no drama carefree lifestyle you can find me on discord and also twitter as linked below
Discord channel invite-