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2. No backseat gaming. Don't tell us what to do or try to force yourself into a situation.

3. Keep criticism constructive. Don't complain something don't work in a way you like. Offer solutions.

4. Keep words friendly. Cussing at something? sure. Cussing at someone else? No.
We are a group of:
- Game Developers
- IT Specialists
- Publishers
and as well as a family, and we mean that. We don't consider ourselves "Professionals". We refuse to wear a suit, and tie and pretend to be people were not.
We are serious about our jobs and this company, but we refuse to be empty husks wearing fake masks
We are humans. Not machines.

Hi Vexbane speaking here. I'm the CEO of TMG, and the lead dev of AoA. You will see all of us sometimes refer to "Kincain", "Aki", "Jazz". or "Layla'. This is because both I and Alecs have DiD, Kincain, Aki, and Jazz are my alters, They speak to me sometimes, as well as Layla speaks to Alecs as well, Sometimes you may see us shift on stream. I Assure you were fine.

Fair warning this stream is NOT family friendly, and we never will be.

Other than that, click the banner for more info!
What the hell is Ashes of Arcanum? Our game that were currently working on.

Ashes of Arcanum (or AoA for short) is our TTRPG we've been working on for 4 years. It has nothing to do with D&D except it uses the D20 engine(kind of?), but we know that you know that you know what Dungeons and Dragons is. So we use it to bring people in, and it worked didn't it? Anyways.

More information in our discord and the FAQ. mk? Thats where we host the game files until release and its the best way to contact us.
A lot of random viewers and even friends we know ask questions about AoA, and We don't enjoy repeating ourselves hundreds of times so here's the FAQ stream version!

Q1: What is AoA?
A1: AoA is a TTRPG of TMG's design (Mostly Vexes) conjoined of many other TTRPG's and BALANCED the key part is balancing, most games don't have it, as well as many other things.

Q2: Can I see the PDF/Where can I see it?
A2: Well you can, but it costs money like all good things. We got to make a living! So no it's not free, Pay devs for their years of work. --- After pay ing the price in some way(we recommend patreon) You can get the full current edition PDF on our discord.

Q3: Can I join your game?
A3: Yeah no, sorry, Devs only. However we do plan to run a patreon game once things are up and running! Stay Tuned!

Q4: Where are you in development?
A4: We say "Beta" but were on the coat tails of release, Were simply playtesting class satisfaction anymore. So. Soon. Most likely a 2021 release.

Click the banner for more FAQ~
Join the discord. Why?

Because its like every other discord and you're already in 58 of those servers you don't even pay attention too so what's 1 more and you help us out a lot.

Plus you can get AoA updates and talk to us daily so why not? You chicken mcfly?