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Streamer is offline Welcome to Saderingrad Productions ! Founded in 2006, we specialize in spiritual books, comic books and old public domain books that have long been forgotten. We also have done artwork for war history books and fiction based works. We recommend our Ethiopic Holy Bible Volume 1 that is quite popular and attempts to bring the Book of Enoch back into the Bibles list of books. The Ethiopic Holy Bible Volume 1 also has a few selections from Josephus a Jewish historian and also the book has Jubilees and the Apocrypha which is also available in Catholic Bibles.

Now available is our SLV Holy Bible (Saderingrad Literal Version) That uses Sir Lancelot Breton's English Septuagint for the Old Testament and Young's Literal Version (With some KJV/Douay Rheims verses) for the New Testament. It features a Apocrypha with books never seen in the Bible. The books within the Apocrypha are not canon and are here for historical reasons. This Bible has the words of Christ in red. Also we have opened a new section to just new age material as well.