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*SCHEDULE*: i do not have a set schedule due to work.but i will try to stream for at least 2 hours daily (Except on my week of work) and maybe ore if i feel like it. usually mornig hours around 9 am central time. but you can turn on notifictions to be sure you dont miss any lives

Call of duty is my "go to" game modern warfare 4 was my first online game i ever played at the age of 16 and i been playing ever since. BUT i am also a variety streamer, i stream N64 games (mario kart,diddy kong etc) and ps2 and of course mobile.

*THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME*: what i believe yall should know about me is im a laid back gamer. I’m not a very talkative person so it helps when someone is chatting with me to prevent me being dull and boring streamer. Also if i cannot get to right away, please be Patient. i do reply.

also: i do NOT do follow for follow. because i want to follow streamers that i feel like i would enjoy watchig.and i do not add people outside of family or close friends for privacy reasons thanks for understanding nothing personal.

you right away as a result of maybe being in an intense situation in a game then please be PATIENT. It may also be that i have a 30 second delay in my stream,so keep that in mind.

And i think that covers it 🤷‍♂️

list of the main games i like to play. mostly call of duty. i forgot to add PUBG / Pubg Mobile
Lino Conversions
Main rule: do NOT beg for me to open chest or lino. if you're only on my stream for lino and not to support then please find another stream i like to reward the faithful loyal followers. i do reward outside of my followers but if thats the only reason you're on my stream please dont waste my time. thanks.

i understand donations are peoples hard earned money. i dont take that for granted. thats why im very appreciative whenever someone donates. and it also supports my goals of becoming a full time streamer on dlive one day. and i ever get to a stable place in streaming, i want to give back through giveaways etc.
follow and turn on notifications for when i go live dont have a set schedule yet