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Hey hey there fellow Tryhard's! Thank you for taking the time to come by and checking out my content. I am, like many other awesome streamers here, a streamer from another platform (Facebook) that is transitioning over to DLive. I am an Xbox One player and primarily play PUBG, but I do mix it up from time to time!

I also need to shout out the dudes that have been my A1's since day 1. They have helped me grow and become an even better streamer and most of what I have learned has come from them:
Every Friday night at 9/10pm est we (VIolentHippy, BeardedLeo and FilthySaint) host custom Xbox lobbies for all to join! Custom gametypes like Winnies Only, Mad Max, Demo Derby, Streamer Squads and much much more! It's an all around party on Friday and you won't want to miss it!

Every Sunday at 6pm EST, I partner with my main man ViolentHippy to show our appreciation to all that support us. We standardly play 3 games per sub squad and in order of which messages are received on Xbox. Become a Sub today and get super personal with Hippy and I!

Future events to be listed here!
If you have not gotten into the Good Vibe Tribe discord, what are you doing with your life?!?! It's the place to be with the people you know and love! We can't stream 24/7 (although we would love that!) but we can be found off stream in the Discord 95% of the time. We also announce events, special offers and other exciting things within the Discord first before anywhere else!

Just click the "Discord" picture above to join the fun!
1. No racism, sexism or any general dick head comments towards another person (We tow the line in chat as we grow with each other and know each other, but this does not give you free reign to say whatever you want with no repercussions)

2. Don't post your link or promote. We all want to grow and I have no problem helping that, but don't go and post some shit without permission. Ask me, I have no issues if you hang around helping promote your own page

3. Begging for lino or asking for the chest is a good way to not have you around much here. Best to just not say anything about it!

Pretty simple rules? Just have a good time and don't be an ass
Work in progress schedule, but for the most part here is the breakdown. All times are EST:

Monday: 7-11pm

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 7-11pm

Thursday: 7-11pm (Contemplating taking this day off too or starting later for a short stream)

Friday: FRIDAY NIGHT CUSTOMS! 10pm-??? (Someday get a 3pm+ stream in)

Saturday: Off (Late night stream possible. 12am+)

Sunday: SUB SQUADS! Starts at 6pm

Work in progress, but currently I will have any merchandise for sale listed on my Instagram. From there, you can DM me with what you are interested in and all the finer details.

Click the "Merch" image above to get re-directed to my instagram page!