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I am currently a new member of the Dlive platform as of 11-2019 and enjoy the platform. Lot of potential to grow as a content creator as well as a great platform to view channels of interest. I am a moderator for 2 rising Content creators who's main base is from YT and moving over to the Dlive platform. I enjoy being around other people, chatting and keeping peace in the chat room. I really love helping others to the best of my ability and go beyond what I am expected to do. Looking to invest in Lino and maybe in the future starting my own stream. My saying is this, "If you fear the things unknown you will never accomplish the things you seek to do. Fear puts a limit on our ability to do great things, so don't allow fear to rule the potential in you."
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Then, Are The Children Free
Join Us Every Saturday 5PM eastern time For A Study in The Word. Click the image to join us at Then, are the children free.
Stand still and in silence listen, His voice calleth out. Hear with your ears the words of the prophets warning. Time is short to delay the acceptance of His Word of truth. Suffering to come to the unprepared, trails of such never known. Hear O sleeper this chance to repent, open your eyes and see, the door is soon to shut, the age of grace soon to close and judgement come. Blessed are they who see and hear, and understand with their heart. For understanding with your heart you shall see and by hearing and seeing you shall not be deceived. Let it so be you endure to the end.