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About me

~~Hi! So I am TsukiSage. I am a mother of two, Dinosage and Minisage, who you will hear on and off throughout the stream. You may also hear or see my "zoo" of animals which consist of two cats and 3 dogs. I have been streaming since March 14, 2013 on Twitch and swapped over to Mixer February 15, 2018. I am a new streamer on Dlive as well as of February 2, 2019.

~~If you come to my stream you will see me mostly crafting or playing Final Fantasy XIV. I have been playing FFXIV since January 2016, but I do on occasion play other games like Monster Hunter and Warframe (I am a straight noob at them). Besides gaming, crafting and taking care of my kiddos, I am a huge foodie and on the rare chance that I get it I will read as well. Enough about me though! I can't wait to meet everyone! Welcome to the Fox Nest! Where you can be who you want to be! Yipyip!


~~My schedule is random (like me!) I try my best to stream monday- friday, 10:00-2:00 est. But being a mom tends to mess with stream days so I make the most of it!


What does the foxy say?
-Be Respectful! This means no drama and no hate speech!
-Don't spam!
-No Spoilers!
-Moderators are the law!
-Use English! (The occasional jibberish is tolerated)
-No advertising or self-promotions!
-All and all, be excellent to each other and lets all have fun!