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Name?: Tucker or TuckersMid whichever one works for you :)

Why are you wearing swimming goggles?: First of all, these are clout goggles. These are my good luck charm. They don't work sometimes, but they do most of the time.

What is your accent? Where are you from?: I have lived in Alabama, US, all of my life. I know I probably have a very weird southern accent to many of you, but if it bothers you just try to do your best to ignore it.

How old are you? What do you do?: I am 19 years old and a full-time student and I also have a part-time job (which is why I stream so late most of the time). It has become very hard to stream every day while also going to work and class.

How often do you stream? Do you also have a Twitch?: Firstly, yes I do have a Twitch (TuckersMid). I have streamed EVERYDAY for the past three and a half months (seriously check my Twitch vods). I will continue to try and stream every day, but I want to try and integrate over to DLive if possible. You could help me out so much by dropping a follow :)

What games do you stream?: I mainly stream League of Legends, but occasionally I like to stream other games like Pummel Party, Apex Legends, etc.

What do you hope to achieve by streaming?: Honestly, I love playing games and streaming has made me feel like I am apart of a community. I know its a long shot, but the dream is to be able to stream full time because its what I love doing. Maybe then I can quit my job, so I don't throw my back out lol.

How can I support you?: Dropping a follow helps me so much. It honestly is what keeps me streaming, seeing people who enjoy my stream enough to drop a follow. You can also help me out by telling your friends, family, neighbors, dogs, cats, anyone. It really means more to me than you think. Donations also help me out a lot as college is very expensive, but they are in no way expected. So to sum it up, by following me, you are helping support me so much.