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Super Poker Sunday, Tunes & Chilled Vibes :)
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Hey All !!
Well I started streaming in Jan 20,
Im new to all this streaming but have been playing Poker for many years online & live. I will be generally streaming poker tournies.
I love my music and we have always got Tunes playing, im happy for people to request songs as i like coming across new music.
I also enjoy doing IRL streams as and when i can, usually out with the Dog (Reo).
Since i have been streaming I have got into Fortnite thanks to a few other streamers getting me involved, so now and again i will be streaming some Games for Fun cos im terrible.
I was given Affiliate on 20.03.20 and really happy to be part of the DLive Fam.
I try to keep my streams on a High Vibe with a chilled chat and no drama.

If i cash in any of my tournies I will add the equivilant Lemons to the chest, for example £100 = 100 lemons added.
I will open the chest at end of stream before we go to host someone.
No cashes No open :)
This streaming has been super fun and an amazing journey, but there has been a few people that helped me in different ways and shared this journey with me :

OneMancBanned : My Mancunian Brother, this Guy is a Jedi. He helped me so much with my confidence and has been a true friend. He gave me the Buzz to get going and keep going.
He also helped design my overlay and created my Twinny Chip Logo. His streams are my favourite to sit in and chill, his mixing music with visuals is out of this world, and he is the High Vibe master.
Big Love Bro.

Doobby : I have been following this Super Dude since Summer 19. He has been such a big help with settings and getting my stream to run smooth. He is also Big Poker player and always givin me great advice. If you like your Herb then Doobby is the Grand Doobby Daddy. Also his IRL streams are not to be missed.
Love your High Ass Bro.
KD_Scottish_Bear : KD is amazing, she has been with me from the start of my streams helping with welcoming newcomers and keeping me grounded, and is My No.1 MOD. KD streams occasionally, and brings Happy High Vibes to every stream she visits. Also 1 of my top donators for which i am eternally grateful. KD also has a great taste in music and some great dancing stickers to boogie along with.
Big Big Love to you KD.

Unicorn_Diva : This is my Fortnite duo partner, she is a great laugh and her streams are great and always full of energy & smiles.
Please go and give her a follow and show some love.
Art-Vandelay & Prime233 : These guys are just the best. They are quite new to streaming like myself but always find the time to come in my streams and show me maximum love. You are guaranteed to have a great laugh with these guys on their streams and are all about interacting with their followers. So if your not, then why not ? Go follow these guys and show them the love they have been so kind to show me xx