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About me.
Im Leo from Poland, and i invite you to stay in my channel. Lts get entertained, become friends. Im very expirienced PC pleyah. Im over thirty, 6`f1, have dark brown red hair. Hobbies - bicycle, basketball, video games, military vehicles model building. First comp - Atari XE, than 386 40MHz, than celeron c, than athlon4, now buldozer. Never owned a console, but ive been playing on friends ones. Been streaming in and out since 2014. My major goal is to become game dev one day and make my own ultimate games, do some programming learning togheter streams and irl travel and sports streams in the meantime. My sleeping schedule fluctuates, and consistency was never my strongest asset. Im trying to hold a rythm, though.
Be polite to others in my chat, and if u have a beef, take it to PMs.
If u hadnt understood me saying smth in polish, and feel desperate need to know the translation, just ask.. ill be happy to explain. Feel free to create "twitch - clips" of my livestream or past broadcasts at will. Typing in chat is highly encouraged. Ill be happy to hear yall testing the Siri... also known as "the reading lady" tts ;)
Come hang with me... if you want. Go ahead and lurk, joke a little, talk nonsense, correct me, chat about diffrent stuff that bugs you, add songs to my playlist using !sr YTlink command (not whole YTlink, only part after = )
Q: Whats your name? How can i refer to u?
A: Leo, Leon, Leonard, Dude and other variants.
Q: Whats ur streamin schedule.
A: I aint got non.
Q: Do I follow for follows?
A: No.
Q: Are u Polish?
A: Yes, i am.
Q: Why is your voice raspy?
A: I was a chainsmoker for like ten years.
Q: Are links permitted in the chat?
A: No.
Q: Can one add a song and how if links are banned?
A: Yes, when im running songrequest type !sr song artist, or !sr last bit of YT link after =.
Q: Where did u learn english?
A: School, movies, music, podcasts, video-games.
Q: Am I too young to be in your channel?
A: I dont think so.. i appreciate all human beings no matter the age.
Q: Can I speak my mind, and interfere with your train of taught?
A: Yes. Shape the chat. You can stear the discussion onto some other topics.. its very welcome.
Q: Can I troll and spam a little bit? I feel like it would disturb u.
A: Yes, u can. My reading voice is hooked to speakers which arent loud, so go ahead.
* CPU - AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-9590
* CPU Cooler - Corsair H80i GT
* MOBO - MSI 990FXA Gaming chipset AMD 990FX DDR3 USB3.1
* GPU - Gigabyte Radeon R9 380/Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 Gaming
* RAM - HyperX Savage 4x8GB 2400MHz DDR3
* PSU - Sharkoon WPM700 Bronze 700W 80Plus Bronze
* DRIVE - Samsung VNAND SSD 860 EVO
* OS - Win10
* Monitor - 24" NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ AOC G2460PG
* Mouse - Gigabyte Thor, Gigabyte m8000x, Trust GXT14
* Keyboard - Ibox Inferno & Tracer Booster TRK 666
* Mic - Snowball Ice
* Headphones - ASUS Cerberus, Philips SHP1900
* dont spam too much
* dont disrespect others
* dont be rude
* dont swear too much
* dont bully noone in chat
* dont force yourselve onto others
* respect other peoplein chat
Use common sense, have fun.
Dont feel obligated to help me out at all. Choose to donate, if u feel like I need to improve this streams quality. Tip me, if your absolutely sure you dont have to use that money yourself. All contributions are appreciated, and very welcomed, though.
Come here for voice communication with me and others, aswell as for some news about my channel. As you post things in my channels text room... its the easiest way for me to see your pictures, memes and taughts.
Come join my Steam Profile.
Here u can check whats up with me, when I`m offline too long, and write some private massage to me.
My taughts.. deaper ones than those on Twitter.
Heres some of my selfies and panoramas.