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32 years ago, a man was born. As he walked the road of life, he started to notice a change. 2017 was the beginning of the end. A phenomenon appeared, the rise of the titty streamers was upon us. A shift in society that bled into the video game industry. Sadly nothing could be done and he had to sit and watch as his fellow gamers slowly dwindled away . Who really cares what happened after because we are now in 2019 and the cancer has spread throughout.
World of Warcraft: Classic will the main focus throughout the stream. Teamfight Tactics might show up once in a blue moon.
Times may vary due to real life issues

Monday-Wednesday: 4pm-12am

Thursday-Friday: 5pm-2am

Saturday: 12pm-2am

Sunday: Off or Random Stream
I will not post any type of donation links. I do not feel it is right to ask for donations especially since this is a test of DLive atm. I might open this up if DLive is where I want to be and stay.
Chat Rules are very simple. As I might not agree with banning words because I do not believe in censoring any type of speech that does not incite violence-DLive has a TOS and I have to obey it. If you choose to use words 100% against TOS, you will be timed out, if you choose to do it again, you will be perma banned. Oh and don't DOX people, it's just rude and will be perma banned/reported to DLive. Politics are 100% allowed in the stream. All sides are welcomed but you will be banned if you incite any type of violence. I will not deal with anyone coming into my stream and calling for anyone to be harmed in the real world. You will also be reported to DLive. I am here to enjoy streaming. Enjoy video games. Enjoy listening to music and enjoy talking about anything and everything. But FFS we know what not to say, so lets not say it today.