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DISCLAIMER: Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the Disclaimer, that's right the DISCLAIMER! This stream will contain vulgarity, lots and lots of vulgarity. This stream may also contain disgusting topics such as 2 girls 1 cup or open fracture injury google image searches. There will be jokes, MANY, MANY jokes! Ranging all the way from punny dad jokes to dead baby jokes and everything in between.

If you are under the age of 18 I can not advise being in here so if it sounds sarcastic it probably is! DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!

If it sounds dangerous DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

and if it offends you... just.... don't... listen to it!
Don't harass other viewers, we're all here to have a good time. There will be ONE warning, followed by a timeout, followed by a ban. Look, you guys can be yourselves in this stream no matter how toxic or cancerous your personality may be, but when it comes to harassing my viewers that is unacceptable. Don't be that guy people, I pride myself on letting anyone be whoever the fuck they are in my channel.

No shameless advertising of your own streams for several reasons
1. it's very rude
2. It's not going to get you any viewers or followers anyway because of the first reason
3. If you want to advertise your stream you can ask first, more than likely I'll allow it.

No racial slurs or actual racism. Jokes are ok so long as they are just that, jokes. Hell if you have any jokes that are racist against white people PLEASE tell me I've never heard any before :(

DO NOT BRING UP GENDER IDGAF if you identify as male, female, butter, apache attack helicopter, etc. no one cares, it will not give you any extra clout in here, and you will be treated the same as everyone else regardless of how you identify.

Another note, there is a lot of crude humor and roasting is acceptable, but if you feel you are being harassed PLEASE PLEASE blatantly express this feeling and appropriate actions will be taken if it continues.
I'm a combat medic in the US Army National Guard. I'm going to school to get my bachelor's in Nursing. On the civilian side I take care of special needs adults. If you want to know more feel free to ask.

If there are any games you would like to see suggest it and I'll look into it. If you buy it and I will most definitely play it for at least an hour regardless of how much I don't like it except PUBG.
My personal discord: https://discord.gg/SYn3yrd
I am the founder of the Badass Brigade, a dlive stream team: https://discord.gg/xcVV2Gv
Butcherbox use my referral link: https://btlspk.co/dzxi25 DO YA LIKE MEAT?!

Newegg: http://btlspk.co/6rqc8r
So the Extra Life event of 2016 has concluded, ended up being a 31.5 hour stream and we raised $185 towards UPMC Children's Hospital. Next year we're going to blow this record away!

2017 Extra Life we raised $263.69.
2018 Extra Life we raised $286.
2019: ???
Warning: donations are completely unnecessary to enjoy the content of this stream and there is a NO REFUND POLICY