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About The Channel
Welcome to the Vapor Variety Stream! This stream was made to be a chill out spot for those of you who, just like me, love the aesthetic of the 80's and 90's. So sit back, relax, grab a blunt, your beer of choice, and enjoy the show.

There is no need to donate lemons, but a follow is always appreciated! If I have lemons donated, I will always have multiple chest openings per stream, dependent upon how long I stream, of course. I will be streaming much more content in the months to follow. Cheers!
I try not to interfere with some of the other Ghost Show viewers, since they have their own streams that they show Ghost on as well. I do occasionally have nights where I will randomly stream in the middle of the night at very late hours my time, so it may be very early morning in later time zones if you happen to tune in. But my usual schedule is as follows:

(Hawaii Standard Time)
Monday- 3:30 HST
Wednesday- 3:30 HST
Friday- 3:30 HST

If necessary, I have provided a Time zone calculator in the link below to give you an idea of when I stream.

Of course, I will be streaming games and showing footage from the past of True Capitalist Radio/BTR/The Ghost Show. I have a plethora of steam games that I've bought and have ready to be played. I just recently purchase a delgato for console streaming and will be using it in the near future once I have it set up correctly.

Games that I have:
- Sonic series, official and fanmade.
- Doom series, official and fanmade.
- Elder Scrolls
- Streets of Rage series
(fanmade remake as well)
- Halo series (including cursed halo)
- Arcade Fighters (I have many fighting games, some anime, some not.)
- Dark Souls Series
- Lots of Horror Games
- Emulation, of course
- And much more in the back

Recommend a game to me, I will find a way to play it on stream! (It may not happen that particular stream due to scheduling, but I will find a way to play it as soon as possible.)
Stream Rules
I am an open advocate of free speech. Hate speech is free speech, so say whatever you want to and feel no need to walk on eggshells around people in the chat. Personally, I love dark humor, too many serious people in the world. I don't care what you say, as long as it doesn't get the chat banned. You better listen to this, the guy above has you at gunpoint.
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Cheers for the lemons!! I appreciate any and all viewers regardless of donations!
Longest Stream : 5:54:29
Most Lemons in One stream : 15.3k (Christmas Scavenger Hunt Relay)
I will gladly take any recommendation you may have. Send a link in the chat and I will oblige it. I take any songs, and will take any True capitalist Radio clips. I do have the say in whether or not it will be played though, because if it's degenerate brony crap I will be inclined not to play it. Some anime is acceptable, but when its sexualized thats where I draw the line.

Built my PC years ago, parts are dated.
GPU: Radeon RX 580
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g
32 gigs RAM
No SSD, just an HD, trying to get one.

Trying to build a new PC soon. Scalpers making it hard to acquire even one of the 3000 series graphics cards.