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Unpronounceble Names is about...
Sharing, Caring, Livin and Lovin. ^^

Ask me anything that has to do with Spiritualism, Religion, The Paranormal, Life, Death, Love or just anything really.
I don't do politics, so please none of that in chat either.
We don't critisize eachother, but try to understand eachother. The purpose of my streams is for you and others, to feel safe and respected no matter what your background or beliefs. Show a little love to eachother and make the world a little brighter for everyone. If you're troubled, sad, tired or depressed, tell us your concerns and we will listen. We all have our story, and all carry our own "Unpronounceble name" ^^
Charity Streams
I fight for what's right. I do charity live-streams for specific projects. Currently the project I'm involved with is the "Free a Girl" movement that liberates underaged girls and women from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.(forced prostitution) For more information please visit :
Rune readings
I also use runes to answer some of your questions.
If there is a divine force, that could give you an answer by saying yes or no, what would you ask it? Well all you need to do is ask. With a bit of my help the runes might tell you what you need to know. ^^
Unpronounceble Names Nummies
Gifted lemons will be added to the chest for later distubution among the followers of the stream. Before I open the chest for distrubution, I add the amount above the 100's. (99 lemon maximum) If total lemon and/or icecream donations pass 00, it will count as a Diamond for me.
Have fun with the lemons and spread the love! ^^
Unpronounceble Love
All diamonds and Ghini's go to me. Thank you for supporting me. Post lots of pictures, and chat a lot, donate lemons and/or icecream, to fill the chest and you'll have you're own diamond in no time! ^^
Helping Others
All Jets will go to a documentation project I'm working on. With this money I will give a homeless person some new clothes a warm shower and a full belly. Each and every one of them carries a story of their own, some more tragic then the other. Afterall they are just humans like you and me. They are just worn and out of luck. Thank you for your donation ^^
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Other donations
If you like my work and want to help out on upcoming projects, please consider donating at: