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About Us
Cyber Vybez Radio provides music for anyone, anytime, anyplace.... and is your top choice for discovering new DJs or tuning into a funky online radio station.

We are a family run station aiming to provide our listeners with the best music, from the best DJs from around the globe, as well as providing our DJs with an amazing platform to showcase their talent and help support our struggling industry.

Our team work around the clock, from around the world to provide you with the highest quality sets and video cam action so that you’ll never get bored of listening/viewing our station, wherever you are. Tune in and let our DJ's entertain you with funky music, special events, and more.

We love any and all interaction with our listeners, whether that be to show appreciation for a tune, a DJ or a set, or whether its to share ideas on what we can do better or to improve our station. We want you all to become part of the family! So please do like, share and subscribe on any of our many platforms, join us in our chatroom on our website or social media platforms, leave a comment on any of our recorded shows and podcasts, email us at cybervybez@yahoo.com or text us on (+44) 07742 472 860.