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Hello! Name's Magpie. Imma virtual streamer with a male avatar. I know surprising. I feel like I'm jebaited everytime I click on a female vtuber and I'm greeted with a dude's voice. Anyways, more about me, I like to think I'm good at videogames... then I watch other people play. A favorite game right now is Risk of Rain 2. If you enjoy that one, then feel free to tune in next time I go live.
* Intel i7-10700
* 16GB 2400MHz RAM (2666MHz OC)
* Elgato HD60 Pro

GPU is a GTX 1650 right now. I had an RTX 2080, but I sold it because I was going to get the RTX 3080. That didn't go to well. I'm probably gonna get the Big Navi card when it comes out. And if I'm not satisfied with AMD's card, then I'll get the 20GB 3080 when that releases.
Donations via [Streamlabs]( https://www.streamlabs.com/VStreamer_Magpie ) with a message that shows up on stream. Of course you can always sub on DLive if you prefer.
Twitch art is by [Zain]( https://www.fiverr.com/zainsheikh928 ) on Fiverr.
Hopefully emotes soon.
VTuber model by me.