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If you would like to check out my Board game collection here's a link to my Board Game Geek account: [BoardGameGeek VDM1991]( ).

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[Trading Card DB VDM1991]( ) & [Trade Cards Online VDM91]( ).

If you would like to check out my video game collection here's a link to my game faq & video game geek accounts:
[GameFAQs VDM1991]( ) & [VideoGameGeek VDM1991]( ).
For those that like to read: Wanna be; Video Gamer, Musician, Streamer, artist, visionary, speed runner.

For those that don't like to read: Hello, I am the Vince. I (obviously) have a love for video games. I like to be in the spotlight, even though I can't handle it. People usually describe me as kind and patient, but also a bit snarky, and a dramatic smart ass. I guess that's where the vain part comes in right? Haha or it could be due to my highly opinionated attitude. Besides what's the point of a bio? Why dont you show me what your about? What your capable of? What youre worth? Then I can judge you! Of being absolutely wondferful that is. Defy the odds!

For those that have a reading fetish:
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