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The ATMO Collective : There Is No Problema: A Tribute to No Problema Tapes
Appeared in 2013 in Santiago, No Problema Tapes was the precursor of vaporwave labels in Latin America, being the main inspiration for the creation of ATMO, together with VILL4IN Project and Pure Life. All of them served as inspiration to create this sub-label.

Its history brought several names to the scene and was home to several talented artists such as Sangam, 猫 シ Corp., Origami Girl, telepath テ レ パ シ ー 能力 者, iacon, nanoshrine, No Death, CMD094, PATHS パ ス, Off Land, Zhurnal Mod, PJS, Phorme, EMBA Soundsystem, Cryosauna, MindSpring Memories, KAGAMI Smile., SOARER, among many others.

And today, we at ATMO wanted to thank No Problema Tapes for being so influential in the scene and what they contributed to the Latin vaporwave. This compilation has the total focus of raising funds to help NPT recover from a terrible fire that happened on October 17th, resulting in a total loss of all the label's equipment. The same goes for the Infinito Audio Network label, which was damaged by the fire too.

The album has the total proposal to be "pay as much as you want", but any amount will be donated exclusively to NPT, and we hope that these collected amounts will also help IAN.

You can also donate through the link below:

We at ATMO would like to thank each artist who supported this initiative and sent their demos for compilation. We would be nothing without you. Please consider following and supporting each artist who contributed to this compilation.

In contrast to the huge amont of demos, this compilation is separated by 2 tiers:

Tier 1: Surface (1-24)
Tier 2: Deep dream (24-91)

- The ATMO Collective

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Special thanks to AGAPE, Kanga Corp., chris†††, Pad Channington, Dan Mason, Telenights, everyone who's shared this compilation on Twitter or any social media, DRC, Dream Catalogue, VILL4IN Project, Hiraeth Records and No Problema Tapes for allowing us to create this project.

This compilation is also dedicated to Dream Catalogue, which will end its activities in its seventh year of existence (January 29th 2021).. Thanks for being important part of the vaporwave and dreampunk history. We never forget you, David. Not just you, but the entire Dream Catalogue team.