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Streaming games, mostly modded Fire Pro Wrestling World, for a chatroom. Chat here may be dead.
[What is Firepro Wrestling World]
Firepro Wrestling is a series of wrestling simulators going back to early home consoles, World is the latest iteration, on PC.
The game in its unmodded state is very much a simulator in design, with some moves devastatingly strong and others weak.
This is to make spots like the Chair Trick finish matches reliably and to support creating consistent 'tiering' similar to what exists in wrestling promotions.

The main draw is custom wrestler creation. Custom moves can be made from existing animation frames or by hand-crafting your own frames.
Custom body parts can also be made. You either make a single all-in-one replacement for the whole limb or a piece that you add to the vanilla parts you are using.
Custom parts exist as both an official paid DLC and mod implementations.
[What is going on]
I am generally running a 1 vs 1 tournament of full 32 entrants with the winner challenging the current champion after the tournament.
If the challenger wins, they are the next champ to beat.
The wrestler pool largely draws from video games, anime, tabletop gaming, etc. random fiction with some inside jokes and other misc originals thrown in.

So if you have no idea what is happening, no worries, that is normal.