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Testing Incent Rewards!
As you watch my stream you will notice that a code appears on the top left; go to this link and make an account; you will be able to redeem that code for a small amount of cryptocurrency! <3

I am testing this out, let me know what you think of it!
If your also a content creator, here is my referral code for Incent and we'll both get $5 once you are verified! :D
Thanks for watching! <3
I'm very quiet but please feel free to chat with me if you want to talk about anything! I'm still figuring out how to talk and play at the same time so bear with me while mess with my mic and message ya back when I have a moment ;P
When/what I'll be streaming
Most days of the week; any games that I'm having fun playing. I might set up a schedule in the future, for now it will be whenever I'm playing on my free time which is usually any time PST 12pm through 12am.
If you like the stuff I do and want to help out...
Here's the link to my tipping page

Also, here's my streamloots page, which i'm still learning about.

I'm currently unemployed so I will be saving whatever money I get from this or buying new games to stream. Depending on how things go with streaming I might start saving up for streaming equipment because my setup is cobbled together.
Crypto-related Referrals!
Brave is a wonderful browser that keeps your data private and you can control how many ads an hour you see. On top of that, for each advertisement you see you get some crypto that you can donate to your favorite content creators or keep for yourself!

Presearch is a search engine that gives you .25 PRE cryptocurrency whenever you do a search up to 32 times a day; so you can earn crypto just from googling things through them!!

Coinbase when you join this cryptocurrency exchange with this link we will both get $10 in Bitcoin if you buy or sell $100 or more!
Although I don't enjoy their processing fee's they have a very sweet situation where you can get a good amount of crypto for free just for doing a quiz and watching some videos!
Here are the invitations for each of the quizzes
EOS quiz
OXT quiz
XLM quiz
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