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Name: Victoria
Age: 24
Birthday: October 24
Location: Philippines

Let's talk on discord:
If you enjoy the stream and want to further support me, here you go. Donating is completely optional but GREATLY appreciated! Every single donation will help me continue to improve my overall stream setup, pay bills, buy food, etc. It will help contribute for me to become a full-time streamer.

You may donate through this link:

P.S. can't change the url name to victoria until after 2 months

Thank you so much in advance. ♥️

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Thank you very much for these, guys! I am forever grateful for your kindness.

From Doktor_Quark
( )
1. My first Ninjaghini
3. Traditional Chinese dress

From Randy954
( )
1. Grand Theft Auto V
2. Asus USB Wifi Adapter
3. Sanyang Computer Table
4. Dell 23 Monitor S2319H
5. Storm Skin (Marvel Super War Game)
6. Hawkeye Skin (Marvel Super War Game)

I don't have a fixed schedule yet. But I will try my best to stream at least once a day.
Things that I need for my stream setup. If anyone feels like helping me out that would be more than appreciated. Just click the photo above if you want to check it out. You probably won't, but just in case. 😇

Any and all gifts given to me is very, very appreciated and I will be opening them on stream whether you’d like to be given a shoutout or remain anonymous! xoxo ILY 💝❤️