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HAIL Corona! INTRO: codename #OBSBear@RedIceTV
This channel provides cool DAILY videos in a loop you would never find while just gaming. My discord:
Gaming leads you to Porn, "Soldier!"
Feel free to comment below: Gaming leads to Porn!!! My discord:
The fight of Faith between GrammarNazi and FaithNAZI, or was Swaggert your Adam?! Find out: Live from QueenCity, TX!
"Earn yourself 2x VIP Tickets!" (March 2020).

Watch a CrossWay sermon of Curtis and the best feedback can win the TIX. (No winner needed.)
It all boils down to: Are Nazis hiding on the MOON?! #FlatEarth vs. ClimateChange
watch this 4 minute clip and you will see, this is what western civ is all about!! (Muslim Moon?!) BTW there is a part two..

Tipp: In the multi planetory Marsian future to come, no guns, no beef, no property in outer space! AGAIN Old Egyptian Crap apart from The Christ of Joseph. (VirtueLabour) Hegelian Idealism..

WHAT "nigga" stole me space bike. (nigga ain't black but the morally naked..)
GTA turns you into moderate IslamTerrorist!!
Nick Fuentes plays GTA, this is more Sodomites behaviour inside the catholic superfaith than anything else. GTA turns you into appeasing ISLAM to fuck your daughter and girl. And you then must really "kill," and you don't.. JewishScience!101 Ever heard of make love not war. Real war is for real men, and so do woman. (Jesus+Church)
Why #TexasFIRST 101
Here you see what is better than "socialism!"
Texas should it as the real 3rd way. Tune in now!!!
Making America CATHOLIC Again?!
This podcast explains what America is all about, a 1 Dollar == 1 Vote Democracy, code word for the rule of the rich and powerful AGAINST any nation or people in the name of the one and onle nation and people to be: JUDASism. Now is Xtianity or Christ the answer?!?! Ask Hegel!
Corona: The real VIRUS called Omar. (TR)
Tommy went for a walk with a few hundred handy lads in Hitchin the day after he was attacked for defending an elderly couple against a gang of muslim crack dealing youths who thought it was ok to cough and spit in their faces (before the coronavirus lockdown). Tommy went to see the gang leaders, one of whom is Omar - an illegal immigrant from Gambia who has already been arrested for knife crime. Support the petition to deport Omar from the UK - go to WWW.DEPORTOMAR.COM
HAIL Corona! -- AIDS is worse than Corona as BioWeapon of FEAR.
African aids was all but birth control by fear. Here emj ties it to corona: why must Indiana have same treatment as hotbed NYC !? Good video on how to survive a lockdown:

UPDATE: great video by david icke on the sales pitch of coroana cure: lockdown

#LogosRising: This NYC doc exposes the fake medial alarm:

Science becomes the new Grace!

Update: This guy explains it all that you are falling for a joke: