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To the Dlive Guardians & Staff + sad ignorant reporters:
The "blood" is fake + the other things i use are props and not dangerous.
The public's reactions, stunts & live jump scares i perform are 100% safe and real though.
Contribute/donate and/or torture me by making me RUN?

+$1 = Playback of LOUD Scream (media sound)

$2 to $6.99 = i stop what i'm doing and dab dab dab dab dab dab dab...

$7+ = RUN . . . (I go out of my way and run for you until the song is over)

You really don't have to, but if you would like to help by donating/tipping & show your appreciation and or contribute: Then please feel free to click on the above link or image to do so. Thank you

I try to make my streams and the quality as best as i can. And any kind donations will help me with my anxiety & stress of paying bills, mentality, hope, and to not give up + to keep on improving in the future. シ
FAQ: I am able to speak vocally. i just choose to be mute like an idiot.
If i don't talk a lot; no-one gets hurt nor offended because of me🤪 and i won't be "toxic" and get hurt nor banned (hopefully)

Less misunderstandings & no-one will blindly hate me if i talk less.

Also, i don't think i want any friends anymore.Thank you, so please don't get too close or care about me. (i'm not worth it, fr)

I care too much & people suck and just don't care that much about me I've learnt again & again too many times.
i'm good being a sad loner, and i just want to make good people smile, laugh & feel less depressed. I don't need heartless, liars nor fake people in my life anymore.
I really do appreciate your lemons, ice creams, diamonds & etc. but if you would like to support me, please do consider donating to my Streamlabs / Paypal / Skrill instead of buying + spending linos on me.

I'm unable to cashout linos sadly, and i just end up giving it all away to other streamers anyway😐