Streamer is offline
25 subs no vid challenge
Renja Stream Rules
-No Self Promo (unless allowed)
-No Swearing or Cursing(result in mute/ban)
-No big personal info (ie. number, name, age, social security number, etc.)
-No Spamming
-No asking for mod (mute)
-No Chest Baiting (mute)
-Have Fun
-Be Nice to the fellow Renja's
Hey Renja's, your sensei here. Im 14, and i want to become a streamer/youtuber. Im in school and i try to make time for my stream as much as possible.

Coolest Renja: N/A
Follower Goal... 70
Donation Goal... 5 lemons
(also have an affiliate goal)
Cool Renja PEEPS you should Follow
-KadinCookie95... Fortnite Streamer
-Legendary26- my brother
Monsterj- cool lassy follow her