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Welcome to the official Executive Empire Dlive channel hosted by "BO3's Baddest Businessman", the one and only suit-wearing, neophyte scaring, team carrying, game-transmuting, rage making, record-breaking, killcam taking Call of Duty legend VolExec!

VolExec has been a serial entrepreneur, investor, business advisor, community bellwether and volunteer ranging from sundry involvements in some of the most immensely colossal companies in the world to alimenting the homeless, and everything in between. Haplessly due to several unexpected health issues, he has been coerced to make several vicissitudes. He now mainly fixates on streaming but he perpetuates to conduct business and still volunteers when he can.

On November 20, 2017 investor and entrepreneur VolExec launched his first stream on Twitch. Since then as a result of the inundating support of the Executive Empire members, his channels keep amending month after month and he is just getting commenced. His ultimate goal is to become a full-time streamer where he can bring a cordial, positive, safe, judgment free, interactive and relishable gaming experience to millions across the globe.

Use !Social to connect with VolExec on social media. While VolExec is unable to respond to every electronic mail, he does read all messages.
Here at the Executive Empire, we believe:

Everyone should feel welcomed and be treated with reverence regardless of their credence or differences and deserves to have their privacy (including personal information) reverenced.

Time is valuable and lamentably, we can't translate for VolExec who is not up on current "words". Please only utilize opportune English in chat and evade slang and other "internet lingo" as much as possible.

An immaculate and positive chat is more relishable for everyone.

In evading comments that are considered links, promotion, trolly, toxic, execrative, racist, sexual, sexist, political, religious, discrimination (handicaps, mental illness, etc.), threatening, abusive/self-harm or pugnacious.

Everyone can make their own decisions on how interactive and ancillary they optate to be.

Benefits (including promotion) are an earned privilege and not a right. Asking for a gifted sub or other benefits will very likely delay you from actually receiving them.

In quality over quantity and we do not call out lurkers or mention viewer counts.

Fortifying each other is the right thing to do both online and offline (our Discord is a great place, join HERE.

There is a time and a place for everything and keeping things on the topic is consequential. Generally, topics not cognate to the stream, streamer or Executive Empire should not be posted here. VolExec will not discuss official business on streams.
To help combat spam and fake accounts, you must have a profile picture or you will not be able to join the server.

Interact with Executive Empire Members in over 100 possible text & voice channels (40+ from start)

Activity-based Incentives with extra benefits & channels including contests & giveaways

Extra opportunities to be gifted an Investment (sub)

Friendly competition in various games and trivia

Use voice channels for playing games with friends

"Directory" to meet and find other gamers to game with

Additional opportunities to team with VolExec on stream

+Member of the month bonuses and other exclusives
For every donation over $10.00, every Ninjaghini or Ninjet, VolExec will take the BeanBoozled challenge! Click the image above to donate.


Lino is similar to bits on Twitch or Embers on Mixer.

1 LINO/Lemon = $0.012
1 Ice cream = $0.12
1 Diamond = $1.20
1 Ninjghini = $12.00
1 Ninjet = $120.00
VolExec is now a StreamGifts Partner! What that signifies is that you can send him gifts directly in the mail while keeping your (and his) information private. Send a gift through Stream Gifts and it will alert the stream. You will withal be exalted in the Executive Empire Discord (you may remain innominate). VolExec will open gifts on stream!
VolExec is an Insane Labz Ambassador. Here are a few of his favorite Insane Labz products:

• Insane Focus: https://www.insanelabz.com/insane-focus-gg/?aff=2332

• Psychotic: https://www.insanelabz.com/psychotic/?aff=2332

• I am God: https://www.insanelabz.com/i-am-god/?aff=2332

• Insane Veinz: https://www.insanelabz.com/insane-veinz/?aff=2332

Don't forget to use code VolExec25 for 25% off at https://www.insanelabz.com/?aff=2332