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We're very active with our community . You can interact with everyone here, possibly call in if we are taking any calls by sitting in the waiting room, and possibly play games with us when we open them up. https://discord.gg/nWQgCjJ
How to Support!
Your donations are what help keep the show running! If you would like to contribute you can send money through the streamlabs link below.

What is the Vomitorium?
1. to spew forth
2. each of a series of entrance or exit passages in an ancient Roman amphitheater or theater
3. a group of idiots on the internet that talk out their asses about shit they don't know anything about

For real:
A live talk show of much like that you'd hear on the radio. We talk about whatever catches our interest at the time and occasionally have guests on. There will also be other programs aside from the main show.
The schedule at the moment (Central Time)

Mon-Fri: The Vomitorium Weekday Show 8PM-9PM
Sat: The Vomitorium Live! 6PM-9PM
Sun: The Amphitheatre (tabletop gaming) 2PM-???