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We decided to start a streaming channel together after a particularly good session of D&D, annnd after that things just kinda grew from there. We're both still learning!
The Elwyn Adventuring Corp. is a multi-table Tabletop RPG streaming channel dedicated to providing quality Tabletop gaming to Dlive!

In addition, we now have the Waifu Chill Cam, multiple GM help sessions, and impromptu Tabletop advice throughout the week!

Do you have a question about Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40k, or any other system? Or maybe your question is more worldbuilding in nature? Hit us with it, we have the answers!
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( https://www.twitch.tv/nuclearvikings )


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( https://discord.gg/GtJrb2p )

Nuclear Vikings offers a multi-gaming community that feels just like family. Our reason of coming together is to inspire and unite people using gaming and streaming as a platform for that.

You can expect wild and wonderful streamers, from the insanely skilled to the more casual gamer; from hilariously offensive to warm and fuzzy we have are sure to have a streamer for everyone, however I dare you not to love them all. Nuclear Vikings streamers are ready to welcome you in and keep you entertained time after time. What they all have in common is their love for games, people, community and some top quality chat; creating pockets of space on the internet where people feel at home and can get involved
Sunday: 6PM to 11PM CDT

The Adventures in Hithlinde! Join our misfit family of Mafia and Mercenaries as they work to secure their family's position in a world salvaging itself after a calamity! Traditional D&D with a fantastic GM!

Monday: 7PM to 9PM CDT

GM Talk! Come chill and chat with the Adventuring Corp.'s GMs! Ask questions, propose systems, maybe even come on if you want a lengthy discussion?

Saturday: 9PM to Midnight CDT

We have both My Hero Academia and Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader on alternating weeks. Ask in the Discord if you ever need to know which one is coming up next!

Waifu & Friends:
Our more conventional stream, join the Waifu on her gaming adventures and say hi! She loves talking to people!

Thursday 8AM to 1PM: Thursday Terrors. Join The Waifu in a horror game. Have one to request? Got a spare key for a spooky game? Send it to her via Discord.