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Welcome To The WARP Radio Network!

This is the Live Studio Feed for WARP Radio

This stream can contain on-screen effects, such as flashing lights and other intense imagery, which may be harmful to those with photo-sensitive epilepsy. Broadcasts may also contain content with strong language and chat suitable for adults, therefore, viewer and listener discretion is strongly advised.

Chat Guidelines:
1.. Be polite, courteous and friendly towards your fellow chatters and the DJs!
This one's simple to understand- treat others as you would like them to treat you! if you are rude to a DJ, how can you expect them to play your requests? no-one likes a rude participant!

2.. Please, NO TROLLING!!
Trolls just aggravate chatters and drive visitors away.

3.. Please do not post weblinks in Chat.
Poaching and/or posting weblinks (including YouTube links) in the Chat is NOT allowed. Links are blocked from view (WRN staff and channel operators are exempt).

4.. Please refrain from excessive explicit language.
Explicit language and/or "role-playing" in the Chat has a negative effect, overall, and reflects poorly on the channel (and Dlive's) character and image; This includes using nicks that are deemed offensive and/or distasteful.

Questions and Answers
Here are some frequently-asked questions..
and ANSWERS ! :)

Q: What happens on this stream?

A: This is the "Master Control Studio" for WARP Radio and you can see me as I do my duties such as DJ'ing, hosting other DJ's from all over the world, working on various equipment and/or just screwing around!

I play music (including the keyboard) and sometimes, I play video games and other times, I build stuff or take stuff apart, etc.

I try my best to interact with you, the viewers, whenever I can.

Q: Why are you so close to the screen?

A: I suffer eye conditions known as Nystagmus and Retinal Hypoplasia (Hypoplastic of the Retinas); These conditions cause a severe focus disorder and has left scar tissue/a film on my retinas. The left eye is dead (virtual unusable) and the right eye has a visual acuity of about 20/500+, from center to right (about 20 degrees), therefore, I'm technically BLIND (my vision is similar to looking through a piece of thin cellophane and/or wax paper) and glasses/contacts can NOT correct this condition.

Q: I see your lips moving but I can not hear you; why are you talking to yourself or noone?

A: If you notice the big ON AIR sign is NOT on (lit up), that means the MIC is OFF (muted),
This is, probably, because I'm talking on the phone or to others in the room. In short, if the big red ON AIR sign is lit up, then you should be able to hear me, otherwise, I'm having a private conversation [on the phone usually]. and when I'm ready to talk to YOU, the big ON AIR sign will be brightly lit up and the mic will be LIVE. (in the broadcast biz, this is called a "TALLY" and the same goes for those lights you see on cameras in a TV studio as well)

Q: I see multiple names and responses from
a single account name, why is that and what does it mean?

A: You are actually looking at a "relay bot" which forwards the chat from our website chat portal ( https://irc.warp-radio.com ). The format is: "account name, user/nickname, chat text".

Example: WarpChat : <dj-Zath> hi and welcome!

Sometimes, there can be a rather-long latency between the Relay and the Chat and, for this reason, there can be up to a 3 MINUTE (or more) DELAY (lag) and therefore, your comments may not reach me right away or my replies to you... in that case,

Please be PATIENT!

You are NOT being ignored- its just taking some time for the round-trip interaction.

Q: I hear a great song on, but I missed the name.. can I ask for the title?

A: Actually, there are a few things you can do; you can use the commands: !dj !show and !song at, most, any time to get quick stats on whats on and who's playing it... or, if meta isn't available, you can simply ask the current on-air DJ.

Q: Can I make requests?

A: Absolutely! Most DJs accept song requests and the BOT can also accept requests at certain times when a DJ isn't on-air.

NOTE: at current, Dlive Chat does NOT support this feature, sorry.

To use this feature, simply type !search (or !sch) followed with a query of artist OR song name. You will receive a WHISPER MESSAGE from the Bot with instructions and/or results to your query. (typing !sch without a query will get additional help).
Then, type !request (or !req) followed with an item's index number of the selection that you want to hear.. and the bot will cue it up for you! (typing !req without a query will get you additional help.)
you can also simply ask the current on-air DJ for your request.

Please note:
All requests are at the DJs discretion and they reserve the right to not honor or play them. also, we do NOT play links here. Weblinks (like those from YouTube and Spotify, Pandora , etc ) cannot legally be played on WARP Radio or Dlive and are not allowed; DJs are instructed to not accept links to play.

System Specs:
Q: What is your System Configuration and it's Specs?

A: Here they are:

(Custom-built unit [appliance] fit into a mini-tower case)
Intel Xeon X5680 CPU (6 Cores / 12 Threads)
Depth and Speed: 3.38 GHz @ 64 bits
12 Gigs RAM
Intel 58-SO Motherboard
Blackmagic Intensity 4K Capture Card
ESI Juli@ Audio Interface
Nivdia GT-720 (Chinese fake) GPU

Encoder (spare)
TV FMUSER FBE200-H.264-LAN - HD Streaming IPTV Encoder

Capture Video Specs: (Full HD - Lossless) *
1280x720 px, Prog Scan, 59.94 fps (NTSC)

Audio Specs: (FULL HD - Lossless) *
48000 Hz Stereo (video streams)
44100 Hz Stereo (audio streams)
Source Audio: (2 channel) 10Hz ~ 24kHz PCM (24-bit @ 192 KHz render)

* specs only apply to Master Encoder

Sony MDR 7506 (fitted with Brainwavz Felt Earpads)

Sony HDR CX110
Logitech C920 (Mounted to a Baseball Cap)

Video Control
Blackmagic ATEM Video Switcher
Sony BVS-3200 Video Controller (modified)

Signal Processing:
Linear Acoustics 'Aero Lite' AMX1LT processor unit

DBX 1066 (modified for multi-band) - (out of service)
Furman ST231 EQ (modified for broadcast) - (out of service)

ART Electronics VLA II compressor/gate (for mic)

Oktava MKL-2500 Large-Diaphragm, Tube Condenser (Russian)

"BetaBrite II" LED Marquee (modified)

Audio Console:
Mackie Designs SR-3204vlz3 - 32 channel - 6 bus Console (modified for broadcast)

Game Consoles: 4
XBOX 360 (1st, 3rd, and 4th gen)
XBOX (haven't used/played it in a long time)

MSI Motherboard, AMD CPU (8 Cores) Titan GPU, 32 Gigs RAM, 4 GHz

Other Stuff:
Audio Technica Turntable (modified)
Denon DN-2000F CD deck and controller (old!)
JVC Cassette Deck KD-V350 (surprised it still works- barely!)
TASCAM 22-2 Open-Reel Tape Deck (re-headed)
Concepts 6.5 "Lab-Grade" Receiver (very old!)
ASUS PB258Q Monitor (now DEAD)
Visio TV (used as replacement Monitor)
Logitech G910 Gaming Keyboard
Black-Web Optical Gaming Mouse

FFMPEG (Audio Encoding)
FFMPEG/OBS (Video Encoding)
Omnia AXE (currently, Out of Service)
OtsAV DJ (Playout System)

Windows NT, embedded (on EPROM):
Custom CLI (derived from Unix)