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WTF Radio Show
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Join Joss, Martin H, & Marty S, live Tuesdays & Fridays from 9pm GMT - 10pm CET - 4pm EST

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Playing a variety of music, while discussing how to fix this mad, broken world. Plenty of banter with the live chat too - followed by The After Party from midnight UK time, 1am CET, 7pm EST.

Also join me (Joss) on Sunday Long Live Radio (starts 10AM GMT every Sunday of the year) for chilled music and an alternative look at current events.


I believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. I am against Fascism, Communism, or any other form of coercion or tyranny. I believe in the rights of the individual, because the individual is the smallest minority of all. We are each individuals, first and foremost. Treat each other with respect, and we'll all do just fine.
The Pushback
Join Joss, Joy, Colin, Chris & additional guests from 9pm GMT, 10pm CET, 4pm EST for a roundtable chat.

The purpose of The Pushback is to bring together people who sense that something isn't right with the world. We meet together, we eat together, we share our concerns. It's about forming bonds between awake people who recognise that those who control the world do not have our best interests at heart. The police do not have our backs, the legal system is not on our side, & we are nothing more than cattle to be milked & abused.

In these dark times we need to find likeminded folk & build communities IN REAL LIFE. We need to know that when the poo hits the propellor, there are friends we can call on who are a short journey away, & places we can take refuge when tyranny reaches our neighbourhoods.

We are trying to lead by example. I urge anyone who shares our concerns - especially those who have children, to do likewise & seek out those who are of a similar mind.

The radical Left are all about "community organising" & have been doing so for many decades, which is largely why the world is in the chaotic mess it is in. It is time for peace loving folk who just want a quiet life, to come together & make a stand...
FOR love, hope, fairness, freedom & sanity
AGAINST hate, despair, extortion, slavery & insanity.
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