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Q-Who are you ?

A-My name is walid

Q-How old are you ?

A-21 years old

Q-Where are you from ?

A-I m from morrocco

Q-which your pc config?

A-I7 7700hq 2.82ghz , 16gb ram ddr4 , intel hd 630+Geforce gtx 1050 4gb vram gddr6, 252gb ssd +1tb hdd, windows 10 Home 64bits (Laptop)

Q-what your language will stream your containt?

A- English but without voice If they have some Distrub near to me if not i ll talk in stream

Q-What do u play in your Stream ?

A- Grand Theft Auto 5 (online mode ) ,red dead 2 (online mode)


no bad worlds 

english only

no racism

no politics subjects

no swearing

no say to me to change the game (if i cant continue for a game i ll change to other game)

enjoy in stream and welcome