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I have been playing video games since I was 10, so a really long time. I play on PC, Xbox, and Switch. I love RPG's and Shooters.

This Stream is aimed to the mature audience we use vulgar language! I created this Stream to share the complete ridiculous shennagins that happens to our All Female Squad. We usually play everyday some type of shooter. I do love RPG's so there will be those games streamed too. We usually swear and yell, some raging. This channel is to be a fun positive place to relax and unwind from the days trials of protecting Elysium.

Everyone is welcome to be apart of The Keepers of Elysium. Elysium is for the heros and is seperated from Hades. The Gaurdians of Elysium are Large Druidic Ravens. Everyone is treated fairly, unless you cheat / lie/ mistreat the group or one of.

-“There is wisdom in a raven’s head.” – Gaelic Proverb

-“To have a raven’s knowledge” is an Irish proverb meaning to have a seer’s supernatural powers. The raven is considered to be one of the oldest and wisest of all animals. (Refernce: http://avesnoir.com/ravens-in-celtic-mythology/

-spirits of the dead for the Underworld, healing or prophecies of the future.

- "but Raven has his wily beak into nearly everything, from the birth of medicine to the game of chess." (Reference: http://www.ravenfamily.org/nascakiyetl/obs/rav1.html

-"The Celts were a warlike people, and the presence of ravens on the battlefield would have been very familiar to them. The Irish goddess, Morrighan, had a number of different guises. In her aspect as bloodthirsty goddess of war, she was thought to be present on the battlefield in the form of a raven." (reference: https://treesforlife.org.uk/forest/mythology-folklore/raven/

This channel is new and I'm still grinding. Thank you for all your support, all proceeds go to the stream and stream events.

Gamer Tag - Water Raven
Twitter -
InstaGram - TheWaterRaven
Discord - Water Raven#2407
Xbox One X, Custom Scuf controller, External 5TB, Elgato HD60S, Alienware 17 R5 Laptop, Astro A40 TR, Blue Black Snowball.
If you want to donate click the button above. All donations go to the stream and events. Donations are Not required. No Refunds. Everything is gratefully appreciated and loved.
Wednesday to Saturday start around 7pm and stream for a few hours.

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