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Hi! Welcome! Thanks for checking me out, It means a lot 💙

I've been on DLive since May 9, 2019 but only until recently began to stream (January 2022), and it's been really fun to just chill with you all while I either game or do karaoke.

I have no set schedule. Mostly stream games I like to play, like Red Dead Redemption 2, Persona 5 Royal, etc. Sometimes I do a surprise music stream, which is pretty fun!

I've met many wonderful people on here, and am beyond grateful that I joined DLive. It's been less lonely, that's for sure! <3


Here's my twitter if you wanna follow! <3

These people are amazing! I really recommend them! <3


https://dlive.tv/MavisFreestone : Mavis is wonderful. She streams games that she likes to play, madlibs and sometimes she streams her doggo Ein, who is a cute corgi. She recently got a new doggo, whom she named Jax. He's so cute!! Her roommate, who we call SirReece, can also be heard in the background of her streams or sometimes even makes guest appearances, and he's just a joy. <3

https://dlive.tv/Malpezy : Malpezy -I call him Maly!- Is a wonderful human being who is so freaking supportive and spreads the love everywhere he can. He plays awesome games, and his music playlist is freaking awesome. He's very open and nice. Please check him out if you haven't already!

https://dlive.tv/Codeword_Havoc : Code is wonderful! She's beautiful inside and out, and she always makes me laugh and smile whenever I see her streams and hear her talk. I love her voice!

https://dlive.tv/monsterj : Monster is such a freaking nice person and her laugh is contagious and just lights you up. I can't go on enough about how wonderful she is! She has a doggo named Monster who is so cute, and a orange and white cat that's named Cheese! They make guest appearances, and cheese is a little troublemaker, but oh so cute. She plays games, and it's fun to just chill back and relax and laugh with her. Also, there's a Koala in her chat every single time, always making her smile and laugh,, which is just adorable. Please check her out if you haven't already. <3

https://dlive.tv/MissThunder : MissThunder is such a wonderful human being, she makes you laugh and lights up your day. She streams playing games that she likes, and it's awesome to see. She's just freaking awesome sauce, and her dirty laugh is out of this world, it always never fails to make me laugh! Also, her deep sexy voice is a must hear. She's so welcoming, and it's nice to just go on her stream to chill and laugh and just have a great time. Please check her out if you haven't already.

https://dlive.tv/SmokinGooba : Gooba is a really nice, and wonderful guy. He's also really good at fishing. #1! He makes your day so much brighter. He sometimes streams himself fishing, sometimes streams himself playing games, and sometimes streams watching YouTube videos and chat with you. Please check him out if you haven't already. <3

https://dlive.tv/Cr4zyKm4n : Cr4zyKm4n is an amazing person. He supports everyone he can, and he's the sticker king of DLive in my eyes. Please check him out if you can. <3

https://dlive.tv/VectorAbbot : Vector is really amazing and cool and It's awesome to just chill in his stream. He's one of those people who leaves a great impression, and makes you come back for more. He's hilarious, and the voices he does are freaking awesome. He usually streams playing games, and it's just wonderful to watch. Please check him out if you haven't already. <3

https://dlive.tv/Cal69 : Cal is the Unicorn Queen! Her raging at games is fun af, and it always makes me laugh when she gets lemon spam lol. She's great! And she's THE UNICORN QUEEN, so yeah. That says everything! 😆🦄

https://dlive.tv/Hazel.Girl : Hazel is a wonder! She's so nice, and always likes to keep her streams positive. She is also very supportive. She never fails to make you smile or laugh. Check her out! 💙

https://dlive.tv/WGFWhitelion : Lion is a very chill streamer. He's nice and supportive and it's just great to chill in his streams and relax. I really recommend him!

https://dlive.tv/DL_GreySon : Greyson is awesome, he's supportive and it's always great to see him pop in and say his epic greetings.

https://dlive.tv/Kamehamedouken : Kame plays retro games, and it's great to chill in his streams. It always feels welcoming. 💙

https://dlive.tv/KARAOKE_KEN : Ken does Karaoke streams! It's great to listen to his voice, and to chill or rock out. It's always great when he's around!

https://dlive.tv/TammyEAL : Tammy is Ken's sister! She also does music streams and her voice is lovely. Please check her out. 💙

https://dlive.tv/Razorface : Razor is awesome! His voice is amazing, and it's great to chill in his streams. Please check him out!

https://dlive.tv/Gnomee : Gnomee has that vibe that makes you feel better if you have a bad day. It's nice to hang out in his streams!

https://dlive.tv/KingB33 : Bee is awesome! So supportive and great, he also is a great help to DLive in trying to get more people onto here. I love it!

https://dlive.tv/Doomwave : Doom is the Bald King of his Kingdoom, and he's great! He's funny af, and it's so fun to see him play games.

https://dlive.tv/AriesJRS : Aries is a wonderful guy, he's supportive and he's drama-free. It's nice to chill in his streams, and to just spend time calming down. It's fun to see him game, too.

https://dlive.tv/MeggynsBlog : Meggyns is great! She keeps it positive and always makes sure drama doesn't bother anyone in her stream. She also plays games, which is fun to watch!

https://dlive.tv/JUNEGAUL : June is so amazing, and sweet and I just adore her! She's great, she plays games and her voice makes your worries and sorrows fade. Please check her out!

https://dlive.tv/CaliMeatWagon : Cali is a great streamer, and it's interesting to see how he plays games. He sometimes does cooking streams, and the food always comes out looking super delicious. You should ask him about the Cali potatoes lol.


Just be a decent human. That's all I ask. Much love. <3