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Hey You, Welcome.

Please keep in mind that this stream is for a mature audience.


I'm a 21-year-old South African guy streaming for fun and entertainment.
I am employed on a full-time basis and study at University part-time but still manage to make time to get my stream going and provide some great entertainment, all Donos are appreciated.
I'm a Gamer that just likes to entertain with gameplay from a wide variety of games and to connect with fellow streamers to play together.
I play all kinds of games, I am not too fussy and love trying new ones too.
So if you enjoy video games and some chat you should Follow.
1. If you see viewers engaged in hostile actions such as harassing or trolling other members, don't respond but instead contact the Security or Moderators;
2. This isn't the channel for trolling, harassment, racism or extremely vulgar language.
3. Be civil - Don't ruin other viewers experience. Do not be rude or insincere. If you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all.
4. English only on this channel, we will appreciate your effort to do so.
5. Avoid topics such as religion and politics, people on this channel come from a large diversity and not everybody shares the same ideals.
6. Keep our channel clean, vulgar language and explicit words will not be tolerated.
7. No self-promotion. Networking is encouraged but don't post links to your broadcast or derail conversations by saying you're going live in a matter of minutes.
To be honest I do not really have a set schedule at the moment but I stream nearly everyday... XD °O°
If you would like to catch me on twitter just hit the panel button.
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Just click the Button.....
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Any and all donations are highly appreciated.
I have my very own Social currency $WEEBS was launched via Tryroll HQ

I want to use it to provide value to my community.

Ways to Earn:

1) Follow Me On Twitter
2) Like and Retweet
3) Diamond - 200 $WEEBS
4) Ninjaghini - 1500 $WEEBS
5) Ninjet - 10 000 $WEEBS
6) Sub - 300 $WEEBS

Join the community to redeem some rewards.


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Website: https://bombsquadunited.com
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