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Hey, I'm Alex and I'm an American 21 yr old variety streamer C:

I like a lot of different things, so my streams may vary wildly in subject or genre

Some of my favorite things are music, video games, crafting, writing, and entomology

Streaming TierListThursday with Kate!

I'm really excited to chat with you <3

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Restream is used during most streams.
We have a Twitch as well!
~ Please be kind to others!
~ Racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc is an instant ban.
~ I'm not interested in debating about politics in this stream. Please take it somewhere else.
~ Please don't self-promote here.
~ Please enjoy your stay here and have a good time :D
These stream happen every week at these times, but sometimes I stream just when I feel like it as well!

Monday - Minecraft Monday (6 PM EST)
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Weird Wednesday (6 PM EST)
Thursday - Tier List Thursday (8 PM)
Friday - Dwarf Fortress Friday (6 PM EST)
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off

[If I need to break schedule for vacations/obligations, I'll update here at the bottom of the schedule!]