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Welcome to the Whack Shack, fools
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Personal Bio
Hey, everybody! My name is Whackadoo! I'm 22 years old and full of life numbing regret! I like to play games with my friends and thought I should start streaming our escapades awhile ago. Started on Twitch, acquired a meager following while there, but thought there'd be more long term potential on another platform. I'm pretty crass and if you watch my streams long enough, I'll probably say something that'd make your grandma's delicate morals pirouette out from her grave and smack the back of your head, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Enjoy the streams and feel free to interact and make fun of me lol.
The following will NOT be tolerated within my chat:
1.) Underage (18) Nudity or content.
2.) Hate against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status within the server, or sexual orientation/gender identity will not be tolerated.
3.) Spam or repeated posts in consecutive order.
4.) Scams or malicious links to websites.
5.) Follow the golden rule, treat others how you'd want to be treated. Remember, we want a positive environment above all else. When in doubt, ask yourself, "Am I making someone else's Dlive experience worse by doing this?"
Monday-Friday: 6-10pm CST
Saturday: 10am-pm CST
Sunday: No Stream
(No SCHEDULED stream on Holidays unless otherwise noted on my Twitter)