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My name is WhiteRice and I play games, have fun, and create videos and streams for your enjoyment! I'm very sarcastic and silly, if you can't tell, but I do sincerity care about my community and I hope you all enjoy!
Monday's at 10:00pm EST
Wednesday's at 10:00pm EST
Friday's at 10:00pm EST
(Potential weekend stream)

(This will be my estimate schedule for now, but it really depends on when I end my streams on Twitch! Stay tuned to those for exact starting times!)
1. Have fun! This is rule #1! When it comes down to it, my main goal here to have you guys enjoy yourselves! If you break this rule, I will cry!
2. No hate! I run a family friendly channel, but that's just me! Each and every one of you comes from a very different lifestyle and background, so while I respect how you live your life, I ask that you please keep the hateful speech away from others!
3. No spamming! Chatting many lovely emotes is one thing, but spamming is another! Enjoy the freedom of speech and emotes, but keep them purposeful and not overbearingly repetitive!
4. No self-promotion! This one is simple: Don't promote yourself. I would be more than happy to have you join my Discord and post your content in it's proper place, but not in the chat please! It's rude!
5. Have fun!!! JUST DO IT!!!
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Missed a past stream? Don't worry! All DLive streams will now be able to be found at the new YouTube channel devoted to keeping these memories forever! Enjoy!!
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