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American Streamer, Software Dev by Day, Wannabe Broadcaster by Night.

Streamer of vidya, and super bad at video games. I play as a support main in most games.
I stream nearly everyday between 5:30 PM EST and 7:30 PM EST right as everyone gets home from work.
I will open the next chest at 10 Linos or when its about to expire!

If you want a donation to be read just donate on Streamlabs and I can read it out. I will remove this note if Dlive has custom messages.

[White Sun Dreams]( https://www.whitesundreams.com )
[DLive]( https://dlive.tv/WhiteSunDreams )
[YouTube]( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-iYkX0s8tzqkTkPgPPjrnA )
[Dailymotion]( https://www.dailymotion.com/whitesundreams )
[Twitter]( https://twitter.com/WhiteSunDreams )
[Discord]( https://discord.gg/88dGvdU )
[Patreon]( https://www.patreon.com/whitesundreams )
[Streamlabs]( https://streamlabs.com/whitesundreams )
[Twitch]( https://www.twitch.tv/WhiteSunDreams )
[BitChute]( https://www.bitchute.com/channel/whitesundreams/ )

I am making Video Game and Anime content at White Sun Dreams

Written reviews of Video Games and Anime that I enjoy are posted on the website. Twitch streams of ranked and solo video games are also streamed and then uploaded to my YouTube. I will try my best to interact with the chat as much as possible so please join in if you'd like!

The games that I cover range from classic retro games to competitive e-sports games like League of Legends. I normally watch 7 to 14 anime per season and will write reviews on the ones that I enjoyed.

Each weekend I do two shows called Let's Play and Discuss and Let's Watch and Discuss. They are similar to let's plays, but instead of just me playing, I want to select a video game and anime and play and watch it as a group with the viewers. Think of it like a book club. If a game is long we can play up to a certain point each week and then discuss it on the show. For anime we would watch 3 to 4 episodes each week and then discuss on the weekend show. Please look at my Stream Calendar to join in.

I also plan to do some let's plays alone as well as other miscellaneous content like tech tutorial videos. I'm a software developer in real life so I have some technical engineering knowledge.

I've never really been into Twitter, but I have one and post content there. Please join my Discord and talk with me directly!

All of my content is intended for those of at least 13 years of age. Most of my content could be considered family friendly, but given the nature of some games and anime this is not intended to be for children.