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I stream mostly Simulation Games like ATS,Pc Build Simulation, Fishing North Atlantic If you like my stream Drop a Follow

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1: Be nice to people on this channel.

2: Don't be a bully (No one like to be picked on)

3: Racism is a No No ( The only important race is the Human Race)

4: Hate Speech is not allowed at all

5: Spam or advertising will get you a ban
(if you wish to advertise join my discord so either myself or my moderators can verify your link)

6: Being Sexist is also not allowed

7: Don't be overly grotesque with sexual innuendo's towards other viewers and asked to stop please stop.

8.Don't Be negative towards the streamer,people in Chat or towards the platform. Everyone has a right to give out about something but I'm not a Psychiatrist, My Mods and I will punish the people that brake the rules.

9. Don't ask me to open the Chest, it will open when its good and ready
Be decent and don't be Toxic

10. please do not self promote with out permission from me

11.know we are not licensed therapists we are here to help do not put your problems in any of the chat rooms DM someone
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