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The Woozle Effect is your hub for the best in Recycled Sound: loops, covers, originals and improvisations all mashed up, remixed and performed LIVE on stream using my own custom harmonicas, and homemade "found-object guitars" made from things like Toasters, ammo cans, and hockey sticks!

Here's the song request list: woozle.live
Song request priority goes to Patron Subscribers and donors to the stream!

Join me on PatreonPatreon Subscribers get custom discord roles, and priority when I'm taking requests. $5/month Subs gets your name added to the Patreon Sub-Harp! Check out more cool subscription levels at patreon.com/WoozleEffect !
Stream Schedule
Stream Schedule:

Woozle Jam Night - Saturdays - 2030-2330 CST
OPEN HARP SURGERY | Mondays - 2030-2330 CST

My home base for streaming is over on https://Mixer.com/WoozleEffect

If you want to interact in the chat a little quicker, that's the best place to be.
Streamlabs Tips
Music Streaming is a lot like Busking. You are free to come and go as you please, and the show is free!
Just like busking, tips are always appreciated. Streamlabs is one of those places you can throw a tip in the hat jar!
Woozle Merch
I've kicked off a merch store over at

If you'e always wanted to wear a Woozle Fish mug, or drink coffee from a Woozle Effect mug, then you're in luck!

There are even some exclusive items for my Patreon subscribers!
Harmonica Lessons and Repair
Live Streaming Home
Woozle Community Rules
I'd like to think I'm a pretty laid back sort of guy... but I'm going to have to insist that we are as respectful of one another as possible.

Here's some quick rules: (You've seen most of these before!)

- Keep it classy.
- No Racism or bigotry will be tolerated. This includes homophobic rhetoric or anything disparaging of someones gender, or sexual orientation.
- This is a space for music, not your politics or religion. Just keep it to yourself. If you want to prattle on about such things, find one of the many other streams in which that sort of thing is welcome. Not here.
- No porn links, images, etc
- No posts to illegal software
- Don't be a dick.

Here's a few more points on how to treat each other...

You have the right to your own opinions, but this is ultimately my chat. I'll empower the mods to ban and mute as necessary on my behalf.