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Aloha fellow streamers! My name is Daniella. Welcome!
I grew up in the Philippines then moved to the States when I was 10 years old for a better education.
I love people and their diverse cultures. I grew up in a missionary family that traveled around the world to bring medicine, food, supplies and to ultimately just love on people. I’m here to stream what I enjoy doing, but essentially to meet new people.

Obviously I love food paha! I love to cook, meal prep, always experimenting in the kitchen.
I’m a fan of herbs and vegetables right out of the garden.
I was on the Keto diet for a little bit, so much of my cooking consists of low carbs. Just FYI.
Buuuuut I splurge on sweets once in awhile. Sadly I am a sugar addict. That’s why Keto and I couldn’t keep it long term! XD

Huge fan of the outdoors.
Winter time I snowboard.
Summer time I mountain bike.
I camp year round.
Would love to live out of a van one day.

I’m 28 years old. I'm saving up to get out and move to the mountains. Colorado would be my first pick. Maybe Alaska, we’ll see.
Visits with friends and family
But most of all, just chatting with you all

I mostly stream in the evenings, U.S. Pacific time. I don't have a consistent schedule right now.

Come join us on the discord for announcements, competitions and a solid group of friends <3

Discord Sever: https://discord.gg/FAmsDBf

I would not be here without the family here on Dlive. I'm so blessed to be here.

Shout out to my awesome MODS!
Concerndctzn, SuperSkip, EonWill and Travy.
These guys do work and I appreciate the time they put in to my stream to make sure everyone has a good time.

AND a shout out to my generous top donators wow!

1. Louielinux
2. NakeySupra
3. SuperSkip
4. RobR
5. Travy
6. Soil_Master_Fergy
7. Dipler7
8. Concern
9. MoneyRich
10. CallMePotato

You know you guys don’t have to donate… Although you are making my saving up process shorter! and for that I thank you.
I appreciate you guys and gals!