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-- About Me --

Well hey There! Welcome to the channel!

Im Wrighty and this is my little slice of DLive, I stream all sorts, Warhammer 40k painting, Rocksmith, Overwatch, Minecraft.

Other interests are Anime, Music and TV (what else is there right)

I love getting to know people so feel free to strike up a conversation. I am also triyng to help promote Mental Health Awareness, too many people are abusing the subject to gain followers and not actually talking about it or providing information to help people. I have suffered with panic attacks, stress, anxiety and I have friends and family who suffer. We are all unique and special in our own quirky ways so feel free to talk to me.

-- Rules --

Basicly, be nice and not a dick.

If you mention opening the chest, 3 strike rule if im feeling nice. Seriously, cut the thurst!

-- Commands --

!help - This will provide a link to Mental Health Awareness, providing useful information for you or a loved one if you need help
!discord - A link to my private discord, the CyberHouse
!twitter - A link to my twitter account
!rip - Remind me im trash at videogames :D
!clip - Provides a link to generate a clip of that amazing moment!

-- PC Specs --

MSI GTX 1080
Intel I7 - 6700k
Corsair Vengence DDR4 24Gb RAM
Asus H170 Mobo
Windows 10 OS

-- Hardware --

Asus 24" Inch Monitor
Iiyama 27" Inch Monitor
SteelSeries APEX Raw Keyboard
Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
Logitech HD Webcam C920
Razer Kraken Tournament Edition
Epiphone Les Paul / Elixer 11 Guage Strings


I do have my own little private cornor of the internet I would love to invite you too, the cyber house!!! Here is a link:



If you really enjoy my content and would like to offer a tip or donation, you can through the following link:


This will trigger an alert and my eternal gratitude :)

-- Sticky Piston --

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