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Hi, thanks for checking out my channel. My name is Ean (pronounced Ian), yes with Ian with an E , stupid I know :) Aka "Silent".
I'm 27 with a small family and fiance so life is pretty busy. I've been gaming since I was a child and have always had a passion for simulation, Fps and Rpg games. "Good old tomb Raider, ahh the memories"

My main reasons for starting to stream is not to look for money or fame, it's purely just connect with new people and share my gaming experiences, so if your reading this say hi in the chat don't be shy.

Just to make you aware I also have a few eyesight Issues. My main condition called Congenital Nystagmus which is basically involuntary movement of the eye muscles, this basically causes me to have focal issues that I have no control over. I also have a slight Red and Green Colour blindness. Most of the time I try to not let these things stop me.
I want my viewers to enjoy the content that I stream. It will never be expected of you to donate under any circumstance. If you do chose to give me a donation I will be eternally grateful. The donation will be used to invest into the content and quality of the stream.
[Donate here]( https://streamlabs.com/xsilentwalkerx )
(no refunds can be given)
My rig getting old now around three years old, still a good work horse.
Intel i7 67k
16gb Hyper X DDR4 Ram
ZOTAC 980ti AMP Edition.
Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Razer Naga Trinity
Blue Snowball Microphone
Samsung 28inch 4k 60hz (main monitor)
2x AOC 24inch 144hz 1080p Monitors (side monitors)

Feel free to add me on Discord, I'm more than happy to connect with new people to play and chat with.