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I'm Jack or Xanthus, I don't mind whatever you want to call me, and I like games.

I don't really play a massive variety but i'm starting to play a lot more games and i'm open to suggestions from anyone in the community :D

If you can't tell, I'm from the uk :D
If you would like to contact me about anything, you can contact me on any of my social media.

I'll try to answer to everyone as soon as possible, but i'm not as active on them so you will find i'll probably respond 2-5 days after, but I will get to as many as possible :D
I only have some rules but they need to be followed otherwise you will be banned/muted.

1. Be Respectful to everyone in the chat.
2. Converse in a respectful manner.
3. If possible, talk in english.
4. No advertising or posting links
5. Have fun :D
If you choose to subscribe, it really helps, it doesn't just support me but it also keeps the community going.

People who do subscribe do get additional perks as stated below :D

- Special Ranks on Discord.
- The ability to speak on Sub-Only chat.
- Sub-Only Stickers in chat.
- Special 'Xanther' Badge in chat.
- Sub-Only Gaming Sessions.

And more.....
I'll try my hardest to stick to this as much as i can, but below states what my schedule is.

Monday: 4pm BST/ 3pm GMT
Tuesday: 4pm BST/ 3pm GMT
Wednesday: 4pm BST/ 3pm GMT
Thursday: 4pm BST/ 3pm GMT
Friday: 4pm BST/ 3pm GMT

Saturday and Sunday: Currently I don't stream on saturdays and sundays but
You can join my discord and join everyone else in my community who have became awesome Xanthers.

Joining the discord will give you alerts before the stream starts and will tell you about special events happening with the channel. You will also get special tags for the following -

- Following the Channel
- Subscribing
- Donating

And more...