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MIB cover up Cryptid Encounters - MEN IN BLACK, Dogman, Bigfoot, Raptors, WHITE HATS in TUNNELS

BREAKING NEWS: False Flag? ANTIFA? TEXAS SHOOTINGS - El Paso EYEWITNESS Accounts don't match Mainstream narrative, DHS Documents, FBI Documents, and "Men in Black" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Wjr6TSECI

Hey Everyone! You're HERE! I'm so excited to build our community over here.

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This is going to be a ton of fun once we get started. I'm still trying to figure out how everything works, then I'd like to set up the split screen live streams with some of you plus this open chat where we can all talk in real time. I'd also like to set up some moderators to help me over here too. If you are interested in that, please let me know. I love you all. May God bless this endeavor and each of you who have come here to join the #Revolution4Christ